Dear Diary,

I missed you.
I know that you are me and I am you.
There is no separation.
I know that my thoughts exist even if I do not write them down.
I know they are valid even if they are not posten on facebook. Or a blog.
BUT… (and as always – it is a BiG BUT)
…Letters, when they form words on paper, or a screen, they become MAGIC.
They are all magnetised with meaning and longing for connection.
Oh yes! You can sense it if they are merely empty shining shells. Or if they burn through your skin and straight into your heart.
You know the taste of Honey.
These unspoken, unwritten  words pulled me to my desk this morning.
My veins literally bursting with energy.
My eyes and ears wide open before the alarm went off.
An energy impossible to deny.
A Spring crush.
On Life.

It´s been idle for a long while now. I was patient. I was curious. I was quiet.
I was listening.
Waiting for the seed to crack open.
So maybe it is it.
We´ll see.
Either way, Dear Diary, I wanted you to know.
Because when You know, I know.


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