Honour the Dead by living

So it happened again. Heartless violence among innocent people. After gas attacks in Syria last Tuesday, a maniac drove into crowds on the most busy street of Stockholm yesterday afternoon (Friday).
Overload of feelings: Fear. Injustice. Maybe hatred. Powerlessness. Bottomless sadness.
I felt all of them in a suffocating mixture as I was reading the news and keeping it together in front of my child.
To feel is a human condition.
Let´s never stop feeling.
But let´s never stop thinking clear either. Us drowning in feelings and worrying will not bring anyone their life back.

To best way to honour the Dead and the Injured is by living.

It is hard to feel safe in places where blood was shed, and when it so obviously could have been ours.
Safety is no longer a matter of external conditions. You can get sick living most healthy life, hit by a car where there should not be cars, shot having a dinner in a fancy restaurant… We have seen it all.
Feelings of SAFETY, TRUST AND MEANING is something we need to learn to develop and nourish within our inner selves.
By living the shit out of every single day!
By doing meaningful things with our precious time on this planet.
By humbly embracing the thought that we are all very, very freakin´ mortal.

This sounds like cliché to you? Than wake up! Read the news!
Any of us may freakin´ die before the Sun rises again. Today and any other day. In any corner of the world. But please, please, do not get all emotional about it. This has been true for every single one of us. At all times.

Fear will never make us live the lives we are meant to live. So please, be thankful that you are still around. And live TODAY in stead of trying to create illusions of safety and control.

Over and out to celebrate life and eat a freshly baked cookie.

Vegan oat cookies to celebrate life


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